Solving Business Challenges Through Marketing

Every company has its own unique challenges. Rather than adopting a one-size-fits-all approach, AMG develops strategic marketing solutions that are customized specifically for what your business needs help with most.

What It’s Like To Work With Us

lightbulb graphic demonstrating our learning stage of marketing solutions

We Learn

We strive to be our best selves, both professionally and personally. That’s why we embrace learning as a lifelong experience. We study data. Look for patterns. Listen curiously. Ask “why?” And we’re not afraid to attempt new things, even if that means learning from our mistakes.

We Lead

We’re not ones to adopt other people’s perspectives—we forge our own. We think creatively, execute fearlessly and empower unconditionally. We make decisions designed to inspire the clients we work with as well as positively impact their bottom line.

illustration demonstrating that we are marketing leaders
smiley face graphic demonstrating our client-centric marketing focus

We Laugh

Work can be fun and fulfilling. Our secret? To take ourselves lightly while treating our job seriously. We laugh hard. Laugh loud. Laugh often. We keep the mood light, spirits high and celebrate wins as a team. Because when we enjoy what we do, our clients can too.

An AMG Company Devoted to Pipeline Marketing
To deliver even better results for clients, AMG incubated different marketing approaches. Our goal was to accelerate prospects through the sales pipeline to close sales even faster. Our pipeline marketing approach was such a game changer for our clients that we launched the Tenlo company, committed only to pipeline marketing.
Photo of Kip Botirius, the CEO of AMG Marketing Solutions
Kip Botirius – CEO

The Evolution of AMG Marketing

AMG began as a traditional marketing agency in 1973. To better meet clients’ digital marketing needs, in 2011, AMG merged with Brainfuse Marketing, owned by Kip Botirius. In 2015, Kip transitioned from his partner role to the CEO of AMG.

Today, AMG owns companies that solve clients’ specific business challenges using strategic marketing practices. In fact, AMG launched the Tenlo company in 2019, which is devoted to quickly winning high-value customers for clients through the practice of pipeline marketing.

AMG plans to continue building its marketing expertise and offering clients even more solutions by introducing additional marketing companies in the future.

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