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How To “Make Nice” With Your Sales Team Using ABM

by | Nov 21, 2017

Sales: “The marketing team doesn’t give us qualified leads!”
Marketing: “The sales team doesn’t convert the leads I give them!”
Sound familiar?
You’re not alone.
This is a common challenge we hear among many of our B2B clients, and (shamefully) have even experienced ourselves. The most painful part? While the marketing and sales teams are busy playing the blame game, their competitors are stealing business out from under them.
So what can you do as a marketer to stop the finger pointing? Empower your sales team by investing in an account-based marketing (ABM) strategy that incorporates marketing technology (martech) and tool.

So … What the Heck is Account-Based Marketing Anyway

If you’re not familiar with account-based marketing, also known as key account marketing, it’s an alternative approach to B2B marketing. While business marketing is typically organized by industry, products, solutions or channel, ABM brings all of these together. Instead of the sales and marketing teams working in silos, they join together to focus on a clearly defined set of targeted key accounts.

Right Message + Right People + Right Time

By narrowing in on key accounts, your marketing and sales teams can target a defined audience whose pain points fall clearly within your company’s line of expertise. Marketing can then serve up personalized content designed to resonate with each account during critical points within their fiscal year to capture qualified leads for the sales team. Win-win!

Reach your Key Accounts with Marketing Technology

You need some way to get the message to key decision makers on your target accounts, right? Here’s where martech comes in. There are several different in-bound marketing, marketing automation and ABM software tools out there … Terminus, Marketo and Hubspot, just to name a few.
One of our favorites here at AMG is Hubspot, which our own sales team uses. It’s great for list building, organizing contacts, deploying emails, tracking and much more. This tool makes it easy for sales teams to attract key account decision marketers, convert leads and close sales.

ABM Strategy + Martech = Qualified Leads

Looks like a pretty simple equation, right? It is. But one of the most common mistakes we see over and over (and over) again, is that marketers skip the first step of the equation and go straight for the tools and technology. Martech alone won’t get the desired results. Tools and technology are only useful with a strong B2B account based marketing strategy to power them.

Marketing-Driven Sales Program

Even if your sales process is complicated or includes multi-channel and multi-step sales distribution, your company can benefit from account based marketing. If you need help getting started, check out our Marketing-Driven Sales Program designed to help B2B companies increase leads.

Amanda Guentzler, Account Executive

A true people person. Amanda enjoys building new relationships and working with clients to develop a strong marketing plan that connects the brand with its audience.

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