2018 Report: The State of B2B Distribution and E-commerce

How the B2B distribution model is evolving across industries given disruptive forces.

I n an article published in Digitalist Magazine, Brian Beck begins, “2018 is the year to deploy B2B e-commerce before it’s too late.” Not surprisingly, Beck leads the e-commerce and omnichannel strategy group for Guidance, an ecommerce technology solutions provider.
The problem with such a statement is that “B2B” describes a massive universe of companies from different industries, regions and company sizes; what’s more, each one struggles with different levels of technology maturity, regulation, capitalization levels, group purchasing and distributor contract terms, and business goals.
This report aims to present first a high-level look at how B2B companies use distributors to reach and sell to customers — and how this model is evolving across most industries given disruptive forces.
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