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by | Jan 24, 2018

Frustrated by traditional marketing tactics that don’t produce strong results? Put a new spin on your marketing strategy. Think like a startup!
An agile marketing strategy has many benefits. It improves speed to market, minimizes investment risk and provides a return on investment. Here are 6 ways to get started.

1. Build a Case for Change

Research is important. It sounds simple. But many marketers skip this step. Instead, they make decisions based on opinions, past experiences or feelings. But that won’t drive results. Marketing analytics provide valuable learnings. And understanding your market is the only way to get powerful results.

2. Develop a Customer Journey

The key to delivering the right solution? Understand where your target audience is in the customer journey. Are they in awareness, consideration, evaluation or conversion? Knowing the customers’ mindset will enable you to connect with them. You can deliver the right message when and where they’ll be most receptive.

3. Leverage Marketing Technology

Marketing technology can fuel a startup mindset. Marketing analytics provide real-time results. That information is the foundation of agile marketing. It allows you to be flexible, modify campaigns and realign messaging. Data gathered from marketing technology makes it easy to act and react for the best results.

4. Think Like an Entrepreneur

Don’t be afraid to test your digital marketing campaign. Try something. Then look at the data. If you’re not getting the results you want, just pivot your online marketing tactics. Do you need to adjust your message? The creative? The channel? Be flexible … be an agile marketer!

5. Look for Disruptive Opportunities

Data is a great tool to find new ways to grow your market. Major food and beverage companies are introducing food and beverage solutions. They do it by creating funding programs to drive growth. This gives big brands opportunities to grow their target audience and fall into new product categories. Small changes up front can produce stronger results in the end.

6. Rethink How You Measure Success

What does success look like? Is it lead generation? Brand awareness? Increased share of voice? Entrepreneurs look at marketing failures as learning opportunities. Where can we improve our messaging? Our content strategy?
Try asking yourself “why not?” instead of “why?” Startup marketing gives you the freedom to uncover new opportunities. Different thinking can shift the way your brand is perceived. It may be the entrepreneurial refresh you need to learn and grow.

Mary Ellen Ellar, VP Account Services

Mary Ellen’s experience on the corporate and agency side gives her a unique perspective on understanding client businesses. She’s passionate about channeling client needs into a creative and strategic plan that showcases what’s important to their business.

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