Heritage Brands: How to Grow Brand Legacy with Powerful Marketing

by | Apr 3, 2018

Do you ever wonder how brands remain relevant in an industry with so much competition? Newer and bigger brands develop regularly. This makes it difficult for heritage brands to remain authentic and stay relevant in today’s marketplace. Here are 5 advantages that heritage brands have over newer brands that can help them evolve and grow.

1. Heritage Brand Awareness

Heritage brands are more cost-effective. The foundation for these brands is already built resulting in higher awareness levels. Heritage brands already have a loyal customer base. Therefore, they don’t have to spend as much on customer retention. Instead, they use their budget to generate new customers through heritage brand marketing. All without alienating their core. With this advantage, marketers can focus on creating compelling content that confirms their brand’s identity. At AMG, part of our main focus is brand marketing. We value our clients and the content we create. Therefore, we take time to understand our clients’ brands. This ensures that we’re upholding the quality and standards. Then, we create content that is relevant and positions each one appropriately in the marketplace.

2. Emotional Pull

A family-favorite meal, a catchy jingle or a household smell can evoke happy childhood memories. Brands that have a built-in history often come with an emotional connection to their audiences. Humans are naturally drawn to storytelling. Here at AMG, the root of our content is storytelling. It must have a clear message that appeals to consumers. We also share knowledge and connect insights that can benefit marketers within any size business.

3. Loyalty Through Brand Legacy

Whether it’s a certain ingredient in a holiday dessert or a cleaning product that your grandma swears by, heritage brands grow with their audiences. Through parental influences, people are familiar with products that their mom, dad and grandparents used. Brands maintain loyalty through strong legacy. Marketers should be honest about the value of their brand. With upfront communication comes trust and loyalty. This sets the foundation to appeal to consumers and build brand legacy.

4. Brand Status

Heritage brands have history and carefully develop consumer relationships over time. As a result, they convey status and social belonging. This holds value far greater than just the consumer. This gives marketers an advantage by positioning their brand as more reputable than that of competitors. Also, these brands carry more weight because of their “social status.” These are the brands that everyone knows and loves. This is a vital trait in an ever-evolving and competitive buyer’s market.

5. Brand Heritage

You can’t buy heritage. It’s earned over time with careful heritage branding and message development. Authenticity and sincerity define heritage. It’s important to refresh your brand every once-in-a-while to accommodate your consumers evolving needs. And to keep up with competition in the marketplace. However, marketers should make sure they stay true to their brand identity in the process.

Refresh and Evolve

Ask yourself this: what is the next opportunity for your brand outside of its core offering? New product extensions are a great way to evolve a heritage brand. Leverage your brand awareness and look for ways to reinvent your product offering. But make sure you maintain the core value of your brand.

Make your heritage count. In the current environment, millennials are skeptical of bigger brands. They look for ones that have a more authentic story behind them. Leverage your brand’s emotional currency. Recall a childhood memory. Tap into your brand’s authenticity. Bring your story to life. Remind consumers why they were drawn to your brand in the first place. There’s nothing more authentic than a brand that’s been around for 25, 50, 75 or even 100 years!

Mary Ellen Ellar, VP Account Services

Mary Ellen’s experience on the corporate and agency side gives her a unique perspective on understanding client businesses. She’s passionate about channeling client needs into a creative and strategic plan that showcases what’s important to their business.

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