How to Increase Efficiency with a Design Management Process in Marketing

by | Jul 8, 2018

“L arge enterprise brands often engage several agencies for creative and marketing design. One may concentrate on packaging. Another may focus on branding.

Multiple teams collaborating on one brand has its benefits. It’s an opportunity to integrate different sets of skills and expertise. This adds a unique element to the creative process. It also accelerates execution – saving time and money in the long run.

But, when each agency focuses on just one specific area of design, it often creates inefficiencies.

A design management approach improves efficiency and saves marketing dollars. Here is the process AMG developed, which can turn design adaptation into a competitive advantage.

What is Design Management?

Design management means taking an original design and significantly modifying it to be new and different. In marketing, design adaptation is important to meet the needs of specific tactics, platforms and channels. The creative and messaging is adjusted based on the objectives. But most importantly, it’s adapted to create consistent design thinking throughout the entire user experience.

Once you understand design management and the importance of it across your marketing strategy, you can put it into action. We use data to measure the impact of process changes. And to uncover truths, shifts in behaviors and values of target audiences. Here are the 5 steps of our design management approach. 


How to Execute a Design Management Approach

1. Define

When you integrate your agency in upfront strategy, it gives your team a shared vision. Establish what, why and how to implement productive change based on data. After you combine data and apply predictive analytics across channels, you’ll understand the impact of specific creative elements. It’s more effective to consolidate how and where stakeholders collaborate, review, provide feedback and approve executions. Then, you can choose KPIs based on your goals and how you measure success.

2. Design

It’s important to look at the big picture. Consider the complete customer journey up-front to increase efficiency. This empowers the design team to build modular components that are easy to adapt and use across multiple touch points identified in the early stages of the project. Another component to keep in mind during the design adaptation process is flexibility. Design thinking that’s consistent across the user experience while also adaptable to other platforms is key.

3. Execute and Measure

Now that you’ve established your KPIs, you can execute the process. Technology yields better accuracy when you measure creative across the journey. Continually collect feedback and share results to ensure learning. And identify new process pain points to address the next time around.

4. Optimize and Scale

Optimize based on feedback and measurements. It’s a good idea to scale the creative development across on-and offline channels. Always look for ways to improve process and design execution efficiencies. For example, implement new platforms or integrations into the approach.

5. Automate

Automation allows for continued progress and adaptation. Choose technologies that fit your business, and execute an automation plan. To maximize efficiency, automate manual processes and data collection.

AMG’s versatile team is experienced in Agile Work Flow, Modular Design and Design Thinking Experience to implement, manage and execute a design management process. Leveraging the collective expertise, data and technology while minimizing development time and maximizing the impact of creative tactics. By facing challenges, AMG has effectively lead process improvement and digital transformation.

AMG recommends evolving your current approach. To learn more about our design management process, contact us.

Sue Monahan, VP Creative Operations

Sue strives to understand businesses and their standards. Her experience with traditional media informs the creative process for digital advertising helping deliver the highest quality content that upholds client expectations.

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