Hit Your Sales Goals in 90 Days

2019 is already flying by. If your B2B sales are flat or flailing, a 90-Day Lead Conversion Program is just for you. Your personalized plan will quickly generate demand and convert leads into customers in just 90 days.

What you get from our program

  30-, 60- and 90-day action plans to generate demand and convert leads into sales
  Sales forecast that estimates the results of following your personalized plan
  Growth plan to scale and amplify your plan for even more conversions

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Key Steps in the 90-Day Lead Conversion Program

Online Visibility Analysis

Identify fast, simple adjustments that make it easier for people to find your business online

Competitor Audit

Better understand competitive strengths and weaknesses, and identify immediate opportunities to steal market share

Stakeholder Interviews

Uncover opportunities for quick sales wins, while leveraging your brand, audience and industry expertise

Customer Journey Overview

Determine how to deliver the right information that drives prospects to rapidly make a purchase decision

How is this different than my current marketing plan?

Our approach to Demand Generation

Marketing often focuses on capturing a robust list of sales leads. When emphasis is placed on quantity versus quality, it increases costs. Plus, it takes the sales team more time and effort to qualify and convert customers.

The 90-Day Lead Conversion Program focuses on demand generation. Tactics such as advanced targeting and target audience validation quickly generate high-value leads that are more likely to buy.

Our approach to Lead Conversion

Once top-of-funnel leads are captured, they’re typically passed straight to the sales team. With the 90-Day Conversion Program, marketing drives prospects through the sales pipeline.

We determine what it takes for decision makers, and their influencers, to make a purchase. The right information and tools are then delivered in the best, most efficient way to accelerate sales. It’s all about demonstrating the value of doing business with your company.

How will the 90-Day Lead Conversion Program help me or my team?

This agile, targeted marketing approach will:
  • Make your existing budget work harder
  • Reach prospects most likely to convert
  • Capture more high-value leads
  • Accelerate leads through the sales pipeline
  • Convert more leads into customers
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