AR/VR Internship Opportunity with AMG

Interested in Augmented and Virtual Reality?

We are seeking an intern who can dream, design, prototype, implement, and test novel user experiences for the next generation of AR/VR applications. As part of our research team you will be working on prototyping immersive experiences that compliment and enhance our creative and strategic marketing initiatives, while regularly monitoring and brainstorming around new developments in AR and VR. You will be developing mobile AR applications, VR applications on platforms such as the HTC Vive & Oculus, as well as WebVR.

As a VR/AR Developer Intern, you will collaborate with our professional team in all stages of application development. Ultimately, you will gain broad experience in implementation and development of innovative, immersive experiences and should be prepared to enter any fast-paced work environment.

Internship objectives

• Design and prototype new experiences for Augmented and Virtual Reality applications in Marketing;

• Participate in iterative design, testing and development sprints to refine overall experience/solution;

• Present your solutions in team design reviews.

Internship Responsibilities

• Collaborate with creative execution team to identify and define the main framework of the project;

• Participate in testing use-cases in real business scenarios;

• Explore and learn various VR/AR tools and platforms;

• Share your achievements on daily basis to team leader and on weekly basis on company meetings.

Internship Requirements

• Technologically savvy, curious, with a huge desire to learn and grow professionally;

• Have the ability to ideate through sketching. Must serve as the user’s advocate and push for simple, innovative and usable design solutions;

• Thrives working with a multi-disciplinary team from concept to fruition to promote an exchange of ideas and develop world-class executions;

• Ability to work as both a team player and a self-starter;

• Proactive, innovative and creative personality with can-do attitude;

• Passion for the AR/VR industry, experiential technology & marketing.

Nice-To-Have Skills/Experience

• Game-Engine knowledge (e.g. Unity, Unreal);

• Experience with VR/AR technologies (e.g. WebVR, Vive, Oculus, Daydream, ARkit, ARcore);

• C# or Java programming experience;

• 3D mesh modelling and optimizing skills (3D Studio Max, Maya).

• Experience in interaction (UX) design;

• Marketing experience welcome, but not required.


AR and VR technologies have entered the mainstream, but there is always room for pioneers in the industry. All of this starts with entrepreneurial employees who are empowered to make decisions and are expected to turn possibility into reality. The result is a creative, supportive, multi-disciplinary atmosphere that encourages new ideas from diverse, talented, driven professionals on the forefront of their field.

What makes our internships special is our culture and passion for innovation. Our people are our backbone; they make this company what it is. We foster and nurture innovative ideas of our interns.

Flexibility is one of our main assets, and we are ready to suit your schedule. We accept interns during a whole year. You can pick the suitable duration of your internship – the minimum is 3 months with the possibility to extend upon mutual resent. Short-term interruption (max. for a week) of the internship for private reason of the intern is acceptable.

If you are someone smart, determined and hungry to learn then we urge you to apply for our internship position. Come and join a team of passionate and energetic individuals! This is not just an internship to grow professionally but also personally by creating new experiences in a creative and strategic environment.

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