Aquatherm Integrated Plan

AMG identified an opportunity to capture high-quality leads and feed them into the Aquatherm CRM platform to help the sales team maximize use of their existing technology


of the people who landed on the landing page engaged with content further down the funnel


conversion to Sales Qualified Leads


less cost-per-lead than the industry average

AMG used our pipeline marketing approach to develop and test an integrated plan in one sales region that could be optimized and scaled to a national level the following year

Capture Leads

Qualify Leads

Engage Prospects

Accelerate Sales Timeframe



Generate high-quality leads for Regional Sales Managers


Qualify the leads so the RSMs see the value of engaging with them


Create a strategic plan on a regional level that’s scalable


Test the plan for only a two-month duration


Buyers were already interacting with existing Aquatherm content
New Steel Tariffs were impacting the industry and relevant content on this topic provided an opportunity to connect with prospects
Customers identify with local projects in their area, making regionality important

Strategic Approach


  • Authored an original content piece using the trending steel tariffs as the hook


  • Defined audience segments that care most about the cost impacts of steel tariffs
  • Served segmented ads via Facebook and LinkedIn with targeted messaging that persuaded the audience to download the content in exchange for contact inform
  • Used paid search to target leads and drive them to a landing page to download content and a request a consultation


  • Qualified leads with the Regional Sales Manager
  • Added leads from the completed form fills into a three-part email series to “warm” them
  • Passed leads through to Aquatherm’s CRM and tagged them for follow-up from the sales team

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