Digital Marketing Strategy Drives Results

Email, Paid Search and Social Media for Arborwear


open rate for emails


click-through rate for emails


increase in social click-through rate from social baseline


decrease in social cost-per-clicks

The Challenge

Build An Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy

Marketing plan relied heavily on a traditional media for B2B lead generation

Improve B2B Lead Generation

B2B audience consisted primarily of subscribers to a printed catalog

Stimulate Online Sales

Primary source of B2B sales were through phone calls and print catalog orders

The Solution

Used email optimization and landing pages to test and learn if the conversion rate is as (or more) effective as the print catalog, which is costly to design, print and ship

Conducted social media testing to identify the highest opportunity audiences and best messaging for B2B lead generation

Developed a paid search campaign to test B2B audience receptivity to online communications and purchase behavior, while testing targeted messaging to minimize the CPC (cost-per-click)

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Digital Marketing Strategy Drives Results

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