SEO and SEM Strengthens CPG Online Presence to Increase In-Store Purchase Intent

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) Strategy for Jel Sert


increase in website traffic


increase in traffic generated from SEM


increase in engagement


better than average CTR (click-through rates)

The Challenge

Build Brand Awareness

Language used by the brand didn’t reflect how its target audience referred to and searched for Jel Sert products

Increase Website Traffic

Low online visibility due to limited SEO and SEM

Boost Sales During Peak and Non-Peak Sales Seasons

Low ranking in search results hindered online research and in-store consideration

The Solution

Conducted SEO research to identify language the target audience could relate to

Integrated keywords throughout the website to improve SEO

Created user-centered online experiences and SEM campaigns to increase consideration and in-store purchase intent

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SEO and SEM Strengthens CPG Online Presence to Increase In-Store Purchase Intent

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