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Industry Snapshot

Pet Insurance Industry Trends

Pet insurance opportunities in North America are skyrocketing. Since it hit the U.S. market 35 years ago, the pet insurance industry has grown year over year.
Now take a look at these pet insurance industry statistics. When you compare the number of pet owners with insurance to the number of households with pets, you’ll see there’s still a huge opportunity for pet insurance market growth.


of U.S. households own a pet


of dog owners have pet insurance


of cat owners have pet insurance

Shopper Trends in the Pet Industry

To grab a bigger piece of the business, it’s important for insurance brands to develop a meaningful marketing plan.

The key: understanding pet owners better. Using real pet insurance market research makes it easy for brands to connect with pet owners how, where and when it makes the biggest impact.

35% of pet owners are Gen Y, making them the largest segment

3.5 hours a day are spent on the internet by Gen Y

Gen Y pet owners feel brand name is very important when shopping for pet care items

Online Search Behavior for Pet Insurance


“pet insurance”


“pet insurance cost”


“pet insurance companies”

The terms “pet insurance cost” and “pet insurance companies” have far fewer searches per month than “pet insurance.” This means that only 2%-3% of shoppers searching for pet insurance demonstrate pre-buying behavior. The goal is to move pet owners quickly through the sales funnel. A smart marketing plan converts “window shoppers” to loyal customers in no time.

Pet Ownership is a Hot Topic

There is a huge number of social media platforms out there for pet owners. Social media is an efficient and effective way to reach people interested in pet-related products and information. Social media is one way that brands can reach relevant shoppers, collect leads and sell more pet insurance.


social media properties exist about pets, owning pets or pet care

4.7 billion

impressions and interactions are made on these properties each month

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