AMG is a pipeline marketing agency

We quickly win high-value customers for companies that sell products and services through direct and indirect distribution channels.

What is Pipeline Marketing?

Pipeline Marketing is primarily a B2B strategy. It synchs your marketing with your sales pipeline. You capture information only from prospects most likely to become customers. Your prospects are then treated to relevant buyer experiences. They drive your prospects through the sales pipeline faster, accelerating the time it takes to close your sales.

Testing, Analyses, Optimization

Proper measurement is the only way to truly understand marketing effectiveness.
Consistent measurement and reporting enable benchmarking. It’s also used to optimize creative and targeting strategies.
The longer a holistic pipeline strategy is implemented, the better it performs and the faster new channels reach high-performance levels.

Effects of Pipeline Optimization

Pipeline optimization focuses on improving the customer journey from start to finish. The end goal is not just converting more sales by volume, but also accelerating prospects through the sales cycle and improving a pipeline’s win rate.
First, we increase the raw number of potential leads by expanding relevant awareness across both digital and traditional channels. Lead capture points are reviewed and streamlined to allow faster, easier adoption and pass-through by potential customers. Informative nurture campaigns are tested and refined to increase the velocity of leads through the pipeline and to increase the pipeline’s overall conversion rate. Customer-targeted campaigns are then created to drive repeat purchases and to start turning customers into brand advocates.

AMG Pipeline Marketing Case Studies

We take our partner’s deep understanding of their product, market & audience combine that with research data and translate it into programs that rapidly engage, convert and sell to generate high-value customers and brand advocates.

You can quickly win valuable customers in just 90 days with a full-funnel approach to marketing. Learn how our conversion program works, plus get your very own plan.

Jumpstart Sales in Just 90 Days

Executable Tips to get Sales Back on Track

A few tweaks to your marketing plan may be all it takes to get sales moving in the right direction. Check out these articles for some pointers you can immediately get started on, today.

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Get to Know Us

AMG is a pipeline marketing agency. We empower multi-channel companies to quickly convert high-value leads into customers. Your brand, audience and industry expertise
are used to develop a personalized lead conversion plan. This full-funnel marketing approach rapidly drives prospects through the sales pipeline to final purchase by demonstrating the value of doing business with your company.

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