Drive Automotive Aftermarket Sales with the Right Data and Marketing Strategy

Technology and data have forever changed the way customers in the Specialty-Equipment Market search, evaluate and purchase from companies like yours, which is why your marketing approach should do the same.
The AMG Group focuses on integrated marketing strategies built on a deep understanding of your audience.

The AMG Group is made up of two distinct companies focused on solving unique marketing challenges. To determine which service provider best suits your current needs, choose which statement best reflects the challenge you are looking to solve:


I’m Interested In …

Measuring customer loyalty, engagement and retention
Efficiently and successfully launching new producs or enter new markets
Developing research solutions that provide strategic and actionable analysis, not just pages of information
Reaching hard to reach or complex audiences with online and offline tools

You Need:
Market Research from NSRC

NSRC (The National Survey Research Center) is a full service marketing research and consulting firm that can help companies in the automotive aftermarket industry listen and learn from their current, past and future customers.

From project planning to the development of high-quality research reports, NSRC has the expertise to meet the most stringent of client requirements. With nearly 70 years of experience, the NSRC staff members and interviewing team are seasoned professionals, with the ability to interact with all levels within an organization, including C-level executives.


Overview of Services

  • Project planning, including methodology evaluation and selection
  • Questionnaire design and pre-testing
  • Data quality assurance procedures implemented during and after data collection
  • Coding of verbatim response questions
  • Data analysis, including data tables (frequencies and percentage calculations)
    and cross tabulations
  • Report writing
Overcoming marketing and sales integration issues to maximize sales results with marketing
Understanding and targeting the ideal audiences – this that buy or influence purchasing of their product or service
Maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of digital marketing and marketing technology
Identifying revenue, traffic and engagement opportunities prior to launching expensive campaigns

You Need:
Pipeline Marketing Services from Tenlo

Tenlo strategically fills your sales pipeline with high-quality leads by creating tailor-made pipeline marketing plan that targets only your ideal customers with relevant and engaging buyer experiences that convert. Your sales leads become customers faster than ever before.

Overview of Services

  • Integrated Planning: You receive a custom digital marketing program based on your desired business outcomes.
  • Experience Strategy: Engage prospects with valuable online and offline experiences in multiple touchpoints throughout the entire customer journey.
  • Technology Change Management: Are you using the right marketing technology for your specific team? We can evaluate your current martech stack to identify gaps and opportunities.

Pilot Programs

  • Rapid Product Validation: Quickly and affordably validate a product concept.
  • Rapid Channel Testing: Determine the best marketing channels for your business.
  • Rapid Lead Conversion: Convert leads into customers in just 90 days.

Data-Driven Approach

A data-driven approach helps you understand your customer’s biggest pain points when it comes to specialty or performance parts and accessories. Supercharge your sales by getting your automotive aftermarket solutions in front of the right customers at the right time.

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