CRM Strategy

In a world where competition is becoming ever fiercer, businesses need to implement CRM (Customer Relationship Management) strategies in order to stay ahead of their rivals.


Common CRM Strategy Issues We Help You Solve:

  • Evaluating the right CRM for your business
  • Understanding how to get the data you need to fill your CRM with useful contacts and behaviors
  • Helping you define and execute meaningful segmentation you can use in your email campaigns
  • Optimizing your scoring model based on customer behaviors that indicate a Hot Lead
  • Getting your Sales Team to effectively use (and WANT to use) your CRM
  • Defining and Implementing End-to-End CRM strategy

Proof Point 1

Define your foundation, informed by the data behind people, not by proxies.

Proof Point 2

Increase awareness, engagement, and acquisition of customers through performance media and digital advertising.

Proof Point 3

Convert customers across channels with personalized, immersive user experiences.

CRM Systems We Work With

  • Salesforce
  • SugarCRM
  • Pardot
  • Oracle CRM
  • TargetBase
We’ve helped several large companies utilize their CRM system to capture and understand customer behavior, execute meaningful communication to contacts, and make the sales pipeline more effective.

“When we purchased Salesforce, we thought it was a silver bullet.  It wasn’t.  AMG really helped us understand what was realistic, and worked with us to implement a CRM Strategy that drove a ton of sales in the long run.” – (Some Proud Client)

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